What We Do At Special Link


 Although we are a licensed adoption agency we do not have the resources to work directly with women who choose to place their children for adoption.  It is very costly to advertise and bring in women who are in crisis pregnancies.  Since we are a non-profit agency we charge no fees for our services and therefore do not have the income to advertise.  As a result we maintain a waiting list of prospective adoptive families who are waiting for a child to be placed in their home. 


We work with adoption attorneys and adoption agencies within South Carolina and across the country.  They call us when they are working with a birth mother and need an adoptive family.  When the attorney or agency calls us we will contact you to find out if you are interested in the situation that they have contacted us about.  We will give you all the information that we know and have you contact the agency or attorney for further information and to proceed with the situation.  When we call families for a situation we will call several at a time so that there is more than one portfolio for the birth mother to look at and choose from.  Therefore you will not have to wait until all the other families get a baby before we call you.  If you fit the situation then we will most likely call you. 


We charge only a small application fee for this service.  The average wait time for families on our list is anywhere from 3 to 9 months.  The more specific you are with what you want (for example only a biracial female) then you may wait longer.  But we will get you a situation!