Welcome to Special Link, Inc

Special Link, Inc. is a licensed child placing agency and nonprofit adoption information and linking network. Based in a church, this Christian ministry was borne out of tragedy and is proof that God does turn our "mourning into dancing" and our Ashes into Gold.

It originally began for the adoption of "harder to place” children, primarily Black and Biracial infants, but has grown to encompass infants of all races, older children, sibling groups and special needs children as well.

We have the privilege of bringing together adoption professionals, prospective adoptive couples, birth mothers, and these very special children. In its first five years of service (started in 1997), Special Link helped place over 100 babies into loving adoptive homes.

 We can give birthmothers the facts about adoption and provide them with Hope, Help and Compassion in this time of need. We can also work with them throughout their pregnancy and assist with an adoption plan, if they so choose.

We also help prospective adoptive families of any race understand the joys of adopting, and adopting across racial and cultural lines. We give them facts that dispel the myths, guidance in the adoption process, and can connect them with resources to assist them. As a strong advocate for open adoption, Special Link also educates birth and adoptive families on the benefits and blessings of the Open Adoption option.

 Founded and located in the Upstate of South Carolina, the need is so great that attorneys and families throughout the U.S. are now calling Special Link to receive our services.


 Some Myths about Adoption:


Myth 1

: Biracial children grow up to be dysfunctional adults.

Fact 1

: A study of mixed race college students found that they were well-adjusted and comfortable with their racial identities. Multi-racial births are multiplying at a dramatic rate and this phenomenon is quickly becoming a non-issue.

Myth 2

: Transracially adopted children don’t have a clear racial identity.

Fact 2

: In a 20 year study, 90-98% of transracial adoptees reported having a strong sense of racial pride.

Myth 3

: Sending the birth mother pictures or letters will make her want the baby back or cause her to regret her decision. Open adoption is confusing to the child.

Fact 3

: Birth mothers who have varying levels of ongoing contact, tend to heal more quickly and gain great peace about their decision. Also, we've clearly seen that (as the child grows) he (or she) is far less likely to have adoption related issues during adolescence and will not wonder, "where did I come from?" or "was I not wanted?". They already have the answers to those questions. Any degree of openness-when it can be done-is the healthiest situation for all members of the Adoption Triad. THE TRUTH DOES SET US FREE!


The children

"Special Link, Inc. thanks you for your prayers and charitable contributions that are given to help bless families and children!" ~Carri Uram, Executive Director.